News articles

Süddeutsche Zeitung Alte Freunde. (2020) link

Science Daily Best of the best: Who makes the most accurate decisions in expert groups? (2019) link

Science Daily Male Trinidad guppies find food thanks to females. (2019) link

The Atlantic Parasites Can Mind-Control Animals Without Infecting Them. (2018) link

Forbes Light Pollution Causes Risky Behavior in Fish. (2018) link

Nature Research Being consistent in a dynamic environment: a guppy story. (2018) link

Science Daily Together we are unpredictable: Why sailfish hunt more successfully as a group. (2017) link

News Medical Study sheds new light on how medical diagnostics can be enhanced by obtaining several opinions. (2016) link

Phys.Org Sailfish found to use group hunting technique to capture more sardines. (2016) link

Medical Press Collective intelligence helps to improve breast cancer diagnosis. (2015) link

BBC News The one thing everyone knows about swordfish is wrong. (2015) link

IDW Combining Dermatologists’ Opinions Improves Diagnostic Accuracy in Skin Cancer. (2015) link

Nature The soft power of sailfish bills. (2014) link

De Volkskrant Crowd-management. (2013) link

Neuroecology.wordpress Jumping off of bridges. (2013) link

New York Times Even Among Animals: Leaders, Followers and Schmoozers. (2010) link

Science Daily Personality of geese determines their foraging behaviour. (2010) link

The Telegraph Bossiness it the key to leadership, geese study finds. (2010) link

Radio broadcasts

Detektor.fm Verbessern viele Köche den Brei? (2016) (In German) link

Vroege Vogels De persoonlijkheid van de gans? (2010) (In Dutch) link

De Kennis van NU De psyche van de gans. (2009) (In Dutch) link

Public events

Berlin Science Week Presentation on collective intelligence, Berlin. (2020)

Long Night of Science Demonstrations of collective intelligence, Berlin. (2012, 2019, 2021)

Soapbox Science Event to promote the role and visibility of female scientists, Berlin. (2017)

Workshop at Highschool To promote science in classrooms. Carme College, de Thij, Oldenzaal, NL. (2017)

Workshop at the FEZ Youth Centre and primary school To promote science among youngsters (5-8 yrs. old), Berlin. (2016)

National History Museum Presentations on Swarm Intelligence, Berlin. (2012, 2013)

Column writer Dutch Scientific Calendar. (2011, 2012)

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